ARICEA Structure

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General Meeting
The General Meeting consists of the members of the Association meeting in plenary. The General Meeting is the highest decision-making organ of the Association and shall be responsible for the general direction of the Association.

ARICEA has a general meeting annually. However, it is possible to have special general meeting in line with constitution article 14.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is responsible for the direction of the affairs of the Association in between General Meetings. The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year to follow and evaluate the implementation of the general meeting decisions.

Technical Committees
The General Meeting may establish committees other than the Executive Committee to deal with specified issues of regulatory policy, rules, procedures or other matters relevant to the objectives of the Association. The current committees are as follows:

  • Telecommunications and IT Committee;
  • Postal services Committee;
  • Broadcasting Committee

The main function of the secretariat is to organise and arrange all meetings of the Association, provided that all notices shall be issued in consultation with the Chairman. It obtains and circulates information that will facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the Association as may be directed by a General Meeting or by the Executive Committee.